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A product of a musical family and her hometown of Sarasota in central Florida, Sota Black epitomizes “down-home” realness that makes her relatable to her loyal fans. And, as such, she has amassed millions of video views on her social media pages from fans who have been following her for almost a decade.

“Hustlin’ Never Going Out of Style” | > 23 Million views

"Drug Dealer's Children" | > 481K views

"Crack" | > 848K views

She is excited about her loyal fan following in the United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil, Nepal, Jamaica, Angola, Germany, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh… just to name a few. Sota believes that the most important measure of her success is that her music touches listeners and “let’s them know they’re not alone.” Her impact in the industry, as seen through her online presence, is remarkable. Boasting over 15 million video views for "Hustlin Never Goin Out Of Style" from her My Own Truth: - No Love Story (2016) mixed tape, she says "It is the evolution of my music from when I first started to who I am today. It’s a lot different from my other music but a representation of the person that I am becoming and a part of me that people never got to hear.”

Sota Black

A True Rap Artist


Despite the fanfare, what Sota values most is family and longevity. Given the opportunity to share her gift with the world, Sota Black is sure to make the most of it through recording, performing, and giving back. Hankering back to her childhood, who first inspired and nurtured her love for music, she wants to take care of her family first and foremost. Mentoring young girls and artists, and giving them a positive role model, is also on her to-do list. Before that, though, she is determined to get the recognition she deserves for her contribution to the rap game.


She learned the art of songwriting and recording from her aunt and mother, who remain key influences in her life. At the tender age of 13, Sota recorded her first song. By 19, so confident was she in her own writing and recording abilities that she declared music as her lifelong pursuit. Her music pairs homegrown pride with the grit and determination often heard in “dirty south” hip hop.
Keeping a level head is like breathing for Sota, yet she continues to evolve, which listeners can hear in her music over the years. The author of all her own music, Sota Black is recognized as an innovator and groundbreaker within her genre. This lyricist and songwriter proudly wears the moniker of “female rapper,” albeit one who can go line for line with the guys.
Currently, Sota is focused on writing and recording new music, generating new online content, and growing her following. Her mixed tapes, My Own Truth: No Love Story and Wish You the Best can be found on Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music, and on her website.. If there’s one thing fans can learn from this dynamic, hardworking lady, it’s that “hustlin’ [and homegrown realness] is never going out of style.”

Not Your Average B****

After taking a short break from rapping, but continuing to screw music, Sota Black returned to the rap scene fiercer and more committed than ever. This album reflects a new turn in their career as a progressive Rap Artist. With No Love Story, Sota Black has created some of their most compelling work to date. Listen and enjoy the superior sound quality that this album has to



(786)-263-3117 Booking only