My Trip to New York City

“Everyday I am free to go anywhere in the United States Of America, but most of the days I chose to stay in one area and a lot of us do. On this day. I chose to get up and go some where I had never been.  New York City.

I visited every borough; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, but didn’t have enough time to see Staten Island.

I really got to see the difference in their way of life vs mine. I mingled with the people for real not just some regular tourist sh*t.
I went to try an learn some more about the music business so,
I didn’t spend a lot of money there, we just went with the flow and enjoyed the small things.

My feet were swollen the whole time because of all the driving.
There is a whole world going on out there, and I take it for granted sometimes by not going out to see it more often; it’s so beautiful to me.